Scheffers - A Mid-Ohio based company, Manufactures and Wholesales their Patent-Pending Medical Drain Line Anchors for the daily exchanges of Peritoneal Dialysis.

Mr. Scheffer invented these innovative anchors after his diagnoses of being End-Stage Renal and could not find a good reliable product to secure his Peritoneal Drain Line from the Cycler to a catch basin.

Scheffers is a company dedicated towards providing superior products for the Dialysis Industry.

Unlike other manufactures producing products for a disposable economy.

Mr. Scheffer when asked: "Why not follow the industrial profile of Today and produce a product that is designed to fail after a predetermined time frame?". Mr. Scheffer replied: "Here at Scheffers we do not feel that, that is the direction we wish to pursue...".


Our Vision:

Is to provide the industry with a line of products that will last its users for years to come.

A product that can safely protect a persons property and health.

We could only achieve such a goal, through are selection of material, craftsmanship and a unwillingness too not cut back on  production costs.

In the following of this formula, we  feel that we have surpassed the standards we set forth and our proud to offer the Dialysis Market Place our line of Medical Drain Line Anchors.

We here at Scheffers feel that the final element towards our company success will be the ability to satisfy our valued customers and the successfulness of our products.

With this in mind Scheffers pledges to you and your company to provide an excellent level of service and look forward to serving your companies needs.


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Drain Line Anchor

Model H - For Home Use

Whether your a Peritoneal Dialysis Patients doing manual exchanges throughout the day or on a cycler. We all know the value in having a good quality product to secure that toxic Drain Line. Don't trust your bathroom sub-floor to tape or what other means of securing that line your using. See how our Drain Line Anchor can solve the problem and give you piece of mind. 

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Drain Line Anchor

Model S - For Facility Use

Whether your a Hospital, Dialysis Center, or Nursing Home providing care for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients and using a Dirty Sink in your daily operations. Our Drain Line Anchors will make you more efficient and give you the maximum safety of use. No more taping toxic Peritoneal Drain Lines to your Dirty Sink, let our Anchors secure that Drain Line for you.

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