Our Medical Drain Line Anchors are constructed in a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility located in Columbus Ohio and manufactured through the use of CNC wire benders. Producing a product of only the highest quality and standards.

Manufactured out of a Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel stock, that can withstand the harsh conditions of being subjected to the bleach solution baths that are necessary for sterilization.

1. A product that also contains spring type properties within the stainless steel.

2. Gives our product the ability to bounce back during miss-haps and retains its form afterwards. Makes for an extremely durable product!

But, we did not stop there!

Our Anchors contain innovate features that will give the user peace of mind in knowing that their Peritoneal Dialysis Drain Line is safely secure.

So, whether your company distributes to Peritoneal Dialysis Patiences using our Drain Line Anchor Model H for in home use or to a Facility using our Drain Line Anchor Model S for Dirty Sinks.

Your company can rest assure that your customers are receiving a good quality product that will last for years to come.


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Drain Line Anchor

Model H - For Home Use

Whether your a Peritoneal Dialysis Patients doing manual exchanges throughout the day or on a cycler. We all know the value in having a good quality product to secure that toxic Drain Line. Don't trust your bathroom sub-floor to tape or what other means of securing that line your using. See how our Drain Line Anchor can solve the problem and give you piece of mind. 

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Drain Line Anchor

Model S - For Facility Use

Whether your a Hospital, Dialysis Center, or Nursing Home providing care for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients and using a Dirty Sink in your daily operations. Our Drain Line Anchors will make you more efficient and give you the maximum safety of use. No more taping toxic Peritoneal Drain Lines to your Dirty Sink, let our Anchors secure that Drain Line for you.

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