Model H Drain Line Anchor



Scheffers is proud to bring to Market our Medical Drain Line Anchor designed for patients to use during the daily exchanges of Peritoneal Dialysis.

Our Patent-Pending Drain Line Anchors have innovative features built into its design to provide the user with the comfort of knowing their Drain Line is secure.

These features include:

1) Easy to use Receiver that will not let go and does not constrict flow.

2) Hook to grab the rim of the commode upon mishaps.

3) Guide to direct the Drain Line direction of pull during mishaps and keeps the Drain Line low and close to the floor.

4) Fits most standard Commodes with a upper rim width 1 3/4 inches or less.


We at Scheffers have put forth a great deal of effort to bring to you a product that you can trust.


Constructed of Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel insures you that this is a durable product that can withstand the harsh conditions of being subjected to the bleach solution baths necessary for sterilization.


With spring type properties built into the Anchor construction makes it durable enough to with stand mishaps and still bounce back.


Finally, security in knowing that this product when used correctly will not fail!.


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Drain Line Anchor

Model S - For Facility Use

Whether your a Hospital, Dialysis Center, or Nursing Home providing care for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients and using a Dirty Sink in your daily operations. Our Drain Line Anchors will make you more efficient and give you the maximum safety of use. No more taping toxic Peritoneal Drain Lines to your Dirty Sink, let our Anchors secure that Drain Line for you.

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About Our Company

Scheffers - Manufactures and Wholesales their Patent-Pending Medical Drain Line Anchors for the daily exchanges of Peritoneal Dialysis. Was invented by Mr. Scheffer after his diagnoses of being End-Stage Renal and could not find a good reliable product to secure his Peritoneal Drain Line from his Cycler to the catch basin.

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