Currently Scheffers offer two types of packaging for our Medical Drain Line Anchors. With our standard size 8 x 10-inch Poly-Bag - impulse sealed, leaves a small foot print in your warehouse.

Our standard size 4 x 4 x 8-inch Brown Reverse Tuck Box can provide you with a sturdy package where a Poly-Bag will not suit your needs.

With our Poly-Bag case pack quantity of 24 units per case and 12 units per case for our Brown Reverse Tuck Boxes.

Each package will contain:

1) One Medical Drain Line Anchor of the Model ordered.

2) One Instruction Set of Use.

Whichever method of packaging your company choses Scheffers will apply our Retail or Wholesale labeling that suits your business needs….


Our GS1 Labeling for Retal contains the following information:

1) The Name of the Model enclosed.

2) The linear UPC barcode with corresponding text.


Our GS1 Labeling for a Wholesale enviroment contains the following information:

1) The FDA catagory when assigned will contain a linear barcode with text.

2) The lot number of the production run will contain a linear barcode with text.

3) Incorporated into a DataMatrix with GS1 Application Idetifiers containing:

a) Product GTIN for Model inclosed and to the side the AI Code with text.

b) The lot number of the production run with the side AI Code with text.

c) The date of the production run with the side AI Code with text.


We here at Scheffers do realize, that across the board not all business demands are the same.

With that in mind, we are flexible and can adapt to your companies packaging and labeling needs.


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Drain Line Anchor

Model H - For Home Use

Whether your a Peritoneal Dialysis Patients doing manual exchanges throughout the day or on a cycler. We all know the value in having a good quality product to secure that toxic Drain Line. Don't trust your bathroom sub-floor to tape or what other means of securing that line your using. See how our Drain Line Anchor can solve the problem and give you piece of mind. 

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Drain Line Anchor

Model S - For Facility Use

Whether your a Hospital, Dialysis Center, or Nursing Home providing care for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients and using a Dirty Sink in your daily operations. Our Drain Line Anchors will make you more efficient and give you the maximum safety of use. No more taping toxic Peritoneal Drain Lines to your Dirty Sink, let our Anchors secure that Drain Line for you.

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If you need instructions of use or other materials we produce you can find them here...

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